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Stalker 2 dev says Russian hackers have leaked test build online, asks fans not to share

As part of "year and a half" attack.

Ukrainian developer GSC Game World has asked fans not to share an early test build of Stalker 2, stolen and leaked online by Russian hackers as part of what it calls a "year and a half" attack.

GSC Game World - which relocated from Kyiv to Prague last year following Russia's invasion of Ukraine - first confirmed it was the target of Russian hackers back in March, when it revealed an employee's accounts was hacked and that the studio had been threatened with blackmail.

"We are a Ukrainian company," it wrote at the time, "and like most Ukrainians, we have experienced many things that are much more terrifying: destroyed houses, ruined lives, and the deaths of our loved ones. Attempts to blackmail or intimidate us are completely futile".

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl — Come to Me trailer.Watch on YouTube

Now, though, following recent reports that an early build of Stalker 2 had been leaked and shared online, the developer has confirmed Russian hackers were able to "access and compromise" Stalker 2 information "intended for internal testing". It has also asked fans "not to look at or share any leaked information from the game".

In a statement posted to Twitter, the developer wrote, "Our team has identified a vulnerability exploited by a group of Russian hackers attacking the company for almost a year and a half. Unfortunately, they were able to access and compromise some of our leaked information intended for internal testing of various game aspects."

"As for now," it continued, "we kindly ask stalkers and those who want to join the Zone in the future not to look at or share any leaked materials for the game. Although these materials are only used for testing purposes and are not release-ready, these leaks may ruin your experience of exploring the Zone by yourself."

"Rest assured, our team remains dedicated to delivering an exceptional gaming experience," GSC Game World concluded. "Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl is the game we dedicate our hearts and souls to. Despite the issue, we will continue to ensure that the game will satisfy your expectations, as we hope."

Stalker 2 is currently due to launch for PC later this year but is yet to receive a firm release date.

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