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Splinter Cell: Blacklist confirmed

Shout at enemies via Kinect to attract attention.

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Ubisoft has just confirmed the recently-leaked Splinter Cell: Blacklist for launch in spring 2013.

The action takes place on the Iran-Iraq border, where Sam Fisher must capture a terrorist leader to stop further attacks from militant group Blacklist.

Footage shows Fisher storming through a camp of enemies, taking them out in slow-motion with a range of abilities.

"That's killing in motion, when you've mastered Sam's abilities you can move smoothly through the environment while taking out targets quickly and fluidly," Ubisoft's spokesman says. It's very Assassin's Creed 3.

Fisher is now able to attract the attention of enemies via Kinect. You can shout "Hey you!" at the screen and watch the bad guys notice your position.

Blacklist will feature single player, co-op play and series favourite mode Spy vs. Merc.

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