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Splatoon ties end in seemingly arbitrary wins

Deserve's got nothing to do with it.

In many ways Splatoon offers the third-person multiplayer shooter a fresh coat of paint with its focus on territory control over killing. But there's one peculiar flaw players have unearthed in Nintendo's fastest-selling new Wii U franchise: its ties are won arbitrarily.

YouTuber TheeIncubusHD and his friends experimented by playing a match wherein nobody shoots any paint, at all. When the timer is up, referee Judd the Cat decided that Purple team won with 0.4 per cent whereas Orange team only had 0.3 per cent. But look at the stats screen and it's clear that no players on either team emitted even a speck of paint.

Of course having an exact tie is a very rare circumstance, but it's still possible in a normal match. What could be swaying Judd to pick the winner? Is it based on player level? Whoever moved the most? Perhaps it's completely random? Either way, it's utter madness.

Check out the untrustworthy referee in the video below. Has this ever happened to you?

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