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Splatoon gets an unofficial mobile port in China

Paint by numbers.

Splatoon has been ported to mobile devices in China... only this isn't Nintendo's doing.

As spotted by Twitter user and video game analyst ZhugeEX, the Android title doesn't just steal Splatoon's premise, it rips off all the game's art, music and level design. Seriously, here's a video of it in action.

How is this possible? And why hasn't anything been done about it?

ZhugeEX hypothesised that shutting this down isn't a priority for Nintendo as the company doesn't have much presence in China, where the Wii U isn't available.

The analyst clarified that this is still illegal in China. "Lots of Chinese protest this and such. But company will get away with it unless Nintendo sue," they said.

We've requested comment from Nintendo about this wholesale ripoff and will update should we hear back.