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Spider-Man Miles Morales suits list: How to unlock all suits and costumes, including Activity Tokens and Tech Parts explained

Unlock every Spider-Man costume for Miles Morales.

There's a variety of Spider-Man suits that Miles Morales can don in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Every suit is unlocked in a different way, but, once you have it, you'll be able to wear the suit whenever you like. You may even gain a new Suit or Visor mod from unlocking a new Spider-Man suit.

Some of Miles' suits have to be crafted when you reach a specific level using a combination of Activity Tokens and Tech Parts.

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Suits and costumes in Spider-Man Miles Morales explained

Throughout Spider-Man Miles Morales you'll be given the chance to unlock a variety of new Spider-Man suits for Miles to wear; some of these designs are inspired by Miles' appearance in the comic series, while others are completely new.

Not only do these suits allow you to web sling around Manhattan in style, but a number will unlock new Visor or Suit mods that can give Miles an extra boost in battle.

You can unlock these suits in a variety of ways, such as completing certain side missions to progressing through the main campaign. Once you've unlocked a suit, you'll be able to change into it whenever you want by accessing the Suit submenu in the game's main menu.

The Suit menu itself is unlocked after completing the second main mission - Parting Gifts.

After this you can look over your suit collection and switch suits whenever you like. You'll also be able to change both your Suit and Visor mods on this screen.

Suit list and how to unlock every costume in Spider-Man Miles Morales

Below you'll find every suit that you can unlock in Spider-Man Miles Morales, along with how to unlock them and any Visor or Suit Mods the suit might give you.

It's important to note that all of these mods can be used with any suit, not just the one they're assigned to.

SuitModsHow to unlock
Sportswear SuitN/AHave from the beginning
Great Responsibility SuitN/AComplete the Parting Gift mission
Homemade SuitPower Pitcher (Suit Mod) - Increase the damage of thrown objects.Level 5
8 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Parts
T.R.A.C.K. SuitUntrackable (Visor Mod) - Decreases damage from ranged attacks by 25%Level 6
10 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Parts
Animated SuitStronger Webs (Suit Mod) - Enemies take longer to break out of websLevel 7
20 Activity Tokens
4 Tech Parts
Brooklyn Visions Academy SuitTrick Master (Visor Mod) - Gain bonus Venmon Power for performing Air TricksLevel 8
12 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Part
Crimson Cowl SuitGhost Strike (Visor Mod) - Enemies can no longer hear Web-Strike Takedowns while Camouflaged.Level 9
14 Activity Tokens
2 Tech Parts
S.T.R.I.K.E. SuitVenom Overclock (Visor Mod) - Venom Power generation increases as health drops.Level 10
16 Activity Tokens
2 Tech Parts
The End SuitSteady Focus (Suit Mod) - Slows the rate that Camouflage drains when not moving.Level 11
16 Activity Tokens
2 Tech Parts
Miles Morales 2099 SuitVenom Suppression Resistance (Suit Mod) - Reduces the length of Roxxon Venom Suppression. Activate Camouflage to instantly Roxxon bolas.Level 12
14 Activity Tokens
3 Tech Parts
Into The Spider-Verse SuitVibe The Verse (Suit Mod) - Use this mod to leap into the Spider-Verse and cause the attached suit to mimic the aesthetic of a different Earth!
Bam! Pow! Wham! (Visor Mod) - Use this mod to peer into the Spider-Verse and visualize combat sound effects as they appear on a different Earth!
Level 13
18 Activity Tokens
4 Tech Parts
Classic SuitZap Slap (Suit Mod) - Creates a concussive force when Underground weapons are shattered.Complete the Time to Rally mission
Uptown Pride SuitN/AComplete all the FNSM app activites
Winter SuitN/AComplete the We've Got a Lead! side mission
Miles Morales 2020 SuitN/AComplete all the Spider-Training Challenges
Complete the Final Test side mission
Programmable Matter SuitN/AComplete all Underground Hideouts
Complete all the Roxxon Labs
Complete the Matter Up side mission
Purple Reign SuitReclaimer (Visor Mod) - Replenishes 1 gadget ammo when performing a melee Stealth Takedown on an enemy.Collect all the Sound Samples
Complete the Back to the Beginning side mission
Bodega Cat SuitN/AFinish the main campaign
Complete the Cat's Pyjamas side mission
Spider-Training SuitPower Transfer - Turn off Camouflage early to transfer a portion of the unused Camouflage Energy to Venom Power.Unlocked in New Game +
20 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Part

Spider-Man Miles Morales has arrived, so check our mission flow guide to learn about the story unlocks and main campaign. After that, discover more about the Spider-Man suits Miles’ can wear, including how to unlock the Bodega Cat suit, Into the Spider-Verse suit, Purple Reign suit, and the Winter suit. We also have guides on the location for every postcard, sound sample and time capsule.

Activity Tokens and Tech Parts in Spider-Man Miles Morales explained

If you want to craft a number of the Spider-Man suits in Spider-Man Miles Morales you'll need to collect both Activity Tokens and Tech Parts by completing various tasks throughout the game.

Activity Tokens can be completed by completing lots of different tasks, including:

Tech Parts can be found by :

  • Finding Underground Caches in Manhattan
  • Infiltrating Roxxon labs
  • Infiltrating Underground hideouts
  • Opening by the Underground Caches you find during main missions, Roxxon Lab and Underground hideout infiltrations

Both Activity Tokens and Tech Parts can also be used to upgrade your Gadgets and build both Visor and Suits.

If you'd like to know more about Spider-Man Miles Morales, then check out our main mission lists, which also has links to all our other Spider-Man Miles Morales guides.

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