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Spec Ops DLC possible for MW2

"There's totally a chance for it."

Infinity Ward will "totally" consider doing downloadable Spec Ops content for Modern Warfare 2 according to the developer's 'creative strategist' Robert Bowling.

"There's totally a chance for it. I mean, Spec Ops is a great mode that is built where it could be expanded if we want," Bowling told MTV in a pre-launch interview.

"So I mean, once the game is out we're going to take a little break and play with everybody and see what they want more of. I mean, if everybody's clamouring for more Spec Ops missions, that's something we're going to look at."

Spec Ops is the mode where players can work alone or co-operatively to complete smaller missions in an attempt to earn stars and improve leaderboard placings.

It's the third pillar of Modern Warfare 2 besides the explosive campaign and expansive competitive multiplayer modes, and was greeted warmly in yesterday's 9/10 review.

Infinity Ward has previously announced two downloadable map packs for Modern Warfare 2, both of which will be timed Xbox 360 exclusives, and one of which may be out in spring 2010.