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Space Giraffe gets patch

Defends it from alien zebras.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Llamasoft will be tinkering with Space Giraffe later this week, and the results will be free to download.

You will no longer be allowed to indefinitely hold the power zone at its maximum on a given level, for starters, and enemies have wised up to being juggled and will not let you do it any more. And so they should; bullies.

Because of this, the leaderboards and start level bonuses will be refreshed, although you will still have all of your unlocked content available.

Space Giraffe is a tale of a safari animal that flew to the moon, as interpreted by the psychedelic mind of Jeff Minter. Like, but also not the same as, his older creation Tempest 2000, the idea is to navigate a grid-like area and blast enemies to rack-up a great big score.

We took a while to come around to it. Initially we found it confusing and bewildering, but after spending more time at its mercy found it to be addictive and satisfying.

You can read our take in our dual-review, one face Kristan Reed, the other Rob Fahey.

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