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Space Giraffe tomorrow

Plus Street Trace: NYC.

Space Giraffe and Street Trace: NYC will be tomorrow's Live Arcade offerings at 400 (GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.80) and 800 (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) points respectively.

Confirmation spilled from Microsoft bigwig Larry Hryb, who oversees the online service and regularly updates his "Major Nelson" blog with all the latest news regarding it.

Space Giraffe is the highly awaited wacky arcade shooter from industry veteran Jeff Minter and development team Llamasoft. You'll control a spaceship-type vehicle fans dubbed a giraffe, and try to master 100 levels of psychedelic mayhem so you can boast the highest score around.

It's similar to Minter's old gem Tempest 2000, but he insists this is much more than a simple update.

Street Trace: NYC, on the other hand, is a street racing game based on hover-boards - as made famous by Marty McFly and Biff. The aim is to win using any dirty tricks you can think of. Your weapons and board are upgradeable, and you'll be able to race across numerous single-player modes before challenging three of your friends in split-screen, or up to seven others on Live.

We'll be bringing you our thoughts on both as soon as humanly possible.