Space Giraffe


Feature | Llamasoft's Jeff Minter

On Space Giraffe PC and other animals.

Minter: "Still a taste for old-style games"

Films didn't banish books, argues dev.

Space Giraffe coming to PC next week

Freshly Mintered desktop shooter.

Feature | Llamasoft's Jeff Minter

On Space Giraffe PC and other animals.

Minter: "Still a taste for old-style games"

Films didn't banish books, argues dev.

Space Giraffe coming to PC next week

Freshly Mintered desktop shooter.

Minter halts dev blogging

Cross at reaction to rant.

Space Giraffe gets patch

Defends it from alien zebras.

Review | Space Giraffe


Space Giraffe tomorrow

Plus Street Trace: NYC.

Space Giraffe imminent

"It will scare people."

Space Giraffe finished

Will conquer universe.

Minter keen to do more XBLA

And a Wii game. Some day.

Space Giraffe in alpha

Minter's loving it.

Minter talks Space Giraffe

Almost at testing stage.

More on Minter's XBLA game

It's about a giraffe in space.