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Minter talks Space Giraffe

Almost at testing stage.

More details have emerged of Jeff Minter's XBLA game, Space Giraffe.

So far, work on the engine has finished and fundamental gameplay mechanics are in and doing what they should. The next few weeks will see levels fleshed out (over 100, apparently), the difficulty curve assessed, new enemy types added and display graphics tweaked. Minter also expects the game to begin resembling an Xbox Live Arcade title, adding high-scores and achievements to the package.

On his LiveJournal, below the picture of him hugging a sheep, Jeff is confident of the game's progress, reckoning it's fast approaching the first testing phase.

"Looking forward now over the next few weeks to actually shaping this into an actual game with a beginning, an end, lives, hi-scores, achievements and such - something I can actually ship out to guinea pigs to play and get coherent feedback about."

Space Giraffe is a psychedelic shooter which follows on from popular Atari Jaguar title Tempest 2000. It will cost you about 400 Microsoft points and is expected to launch sometime this year.

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Space Giraffe

Xbox 360, PC

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