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Minter doing Live Arcade shooter

Based on Neon engine.

Jeff Minter's working on a new shooter for Xbox Live running on the engine for Neon - the rather spangly audio visualisation routine he designed for the Xbox 360 dashboard.

We know this because when we emailed him and asked if he was working on a new Xbox Live shooter, he said: "Yes, I'm working on a shooter for XBLA based on the Neon engine." What a helpful chap!

That's after he talked a bit about his new game's development on his blog. It's going pretty well by the sound of it. "The last couple of weeks I've had a couple of good points of traction. One being feeling something of how I want the control and firing to be, and the other being today, building in a nice p-system generator to use for the explosions and stuff and initial tests of that being really nice," he wrote.

Along with that, which he's currently working on with Llamasoft chum Ivan Zorzin, Jeff's also looking forward to the forthcoming PC release of Neon, distribution for which is currently being finalised.

Expect to hear more about the new Live Arcade project soon. Hopefully. Jeff says he's "quietly optimistic" (although we're probably not helping with the "quietly" bit, come to think of it).