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Space Giraffe coming to PC next week

Freshly Mintered desktop shooter.

Llamasoft is whacking out a PC version of trancey shooter Space Giraffe next week, priced at USD 20 - that's GBP 13.50 to you.

"It is a joyous time of year full of sexy reindeer, inebriated bearded fellows with rosy cheeks and distended sacks, and wanton consumerism gone wild," said Jeff Minter, who's a bit of a hero.

"What better time to cheer up the entire world with the release of a new videogame. We at Llamasoft are dedicated to our ongoing mission to make the world a better place for everybody."

Jeff, we've never seen a sexy reindeer, but we do understand that Space Giraffe on Xbox Live Arcade divided quite a lot of people.

As an old-school almost remake of Tempest, Space Giraffe has players fly down a corridor level blasting enemies into the void, all the time avoiding being hit by an oncoming vessel.

There's a Power Zone ability to mix things up, as players become invulnerable to outlying ships while the effect lasts. Tactics, tactics.

Head over to our Space Giraffe review to find out more.

Update: Yes, this story originally said Space Giraffe PC is "out now". We're not liars, honest; just morons. Sorry.

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Space Giraffe

Xbox 360, PC

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