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Sony unveils £300 smartphone metaverse gadget that can map your moves onto anime-like characters

Known as Mocopi.

Sony has revealed a set of six motion-tracking gadgets that will allow a user's body to influence an avatar's moves.

Known as Mocopi, this set will enable mobile motion capture, thanks to sensors worn around a user's head, waist, wrists and ankles. When paired with the compatible smartphone app, these trackers can then be used to animate an avatar within said app.

In addition to adding your avatar to real-world locations, users will also be able to combine avatars and background images within the app. Meanwhile, it will also use VRChat as a motion input device. You can see just how Mocopi looks in action via the trailer below.

"Lightweight and compact sensors for easy motion capture."Watch on YouTube

Each set comes with the six aforementioned sensors, one headband, two wristbands, two ankle bands, a clip for your waistband, the charging case (Mocopi sensors will take about one and a half hours to charge, and a fully charged sensor should last for about ten hours) and an instruction manual.

Mocopi's six colourful sensors.
Mocopi's various attachment bands and waist clip.

Meanwhile, Mocopi's sensors weigh 8g, and measure roughly 3.2 cm in diameter. Sony promises these sensors are all very easy to set up and has released a short video showing any interested parties how to get started (see below).

How to set up Mocopi.Watch on YouTube

Mocopi is set for release in Japan in late January and will cost 49,500 yen (around £300).

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