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Sony reportedly halves PlayStation VR2 shipment forecast due to disappointing pre-orders

UPDATE: Sony issues statement.

UPDATE 1/2/23: Sony has issued a statement on yesterday's report by Bloomberg that it had internally decided to cut its PlayStation VR2 shipment forecast due to lower than expected pre-order sales.

In a comment passed to Eurogamer, Sony said it had not cut PSVR2 production numbers.

"We have not cut PlayStation VR2 production numbers, and we are seeing enthusiasm from PlayStation fans for the upcoming launch, which includes more than 30 titles such as Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Call of the Mountain, and Resident Evil Village," a Sony spokesperson said.

ORIGINAL STORY 31/1/23: Sony has slashed its planned PlayStation VR2 shipments in response to disappointing pre-order numbers, a fresh report has revealed.

Bloomberg states Sony has cut its shipment forecast in half - down to 1m units instead of 2m - after lacklustre early interest. The company reportedly now expects to shift just 1.5m headsets total before March 2024.

PSVR2 will arrive on 22nd February with 37 games, though the vast majority are not new experiences. The headset's price has also raised some eyebrows, with its cost totalling over £1000 when combined with the regular PS5 - and that's without a game to play on it.

Eurogamer goes hands-on with PlayStation VR2.Watch on YouTube

Out of the 37 titles available at launch, most will be familiar to existing VR fans. The list includes adorable mouse adventure Moss and its sequel, the brilliant puzzle classic Tetris Effect Connected, and a VR-enabled version of Gran Turismo 7.

Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, one of the few PSVR2-exclusive titles, was recently delayed by a few weeks and will now arrive on 16th March. This is a spiritual successor to Supermassive's rollercoaster-like Rush of Blood for the original PSVR, and one of the most enticing titles in the PSVR2 line-up.

Sony previously set PSVR2's price at £530/$550/€600, or alternatively at £570/$600/€650 in a bundle with the company's own launch game Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Separately, you can pay £40, $50 or €50 extra for the PSVR2's controller charging dock, which allows you to charge your controllers without connecting them to your PS5.

Sony has not yet commented on today's launch shipment report.