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Sony has PSP UMD-to-Vita plan

Option to re-download at "special price"?

A pamphlet explaining how PlayStation Vita owners can use their PSP UMD collection has been circulated at a Sony sales briefing in Japan.

Andriasang heard the news from a shop representative present at the meeting, but specific details weren't shared. However, subsequent comments made by Sony development chief Yoshio Matsumoto to Dengeki PlayStation suggested that owners of UMDs will be able to download the same game on Vita at "a special price".

Many PSP games are already available to download from the PlayStation Network, of course - it's how the ill-fated PSPgo exists.

What's more, Sony has confirmed that PSP games will work on Vita. If you download a PSP title for PlayStation Vita from PSN, you can play the multiplayer with a friend using a PSP.

How much PlayStation Vita games will cost in Europe and the US hasn't been confirmed. In Japan, Uncharted: Golden Abyss will cost 5980 Yen (£49.85) in shops and 4900 Yen (£40.85) to download. Ouch.

When asked about pricing, Sony told Eurogamer that, "We haven't announced pricing for Europe, so have nothing to say at this time."

Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PlayStation Vita.