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Sony gives us another look at PS4 biker zombie apocalypse Days Gone

Pre-bear yourself.

Sony Bend has given us another look at biker zombie apocalypse Days Gone, for PS4.

The footage showed our Sons of Anarchy-style character biking through a forest track at night, in a storm. But he's soon knocked off and needs to fight, burying his knife in a thug's stomach, strangling another with a piece of rope, and trapping yet another in a vicious bear trap (he could have used that later).

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He uses a kind of detective vision to find his way through lots of hanging corpses - there was even a weird moment when real actors were suspended from Sony's E3 conference ceiling - and it's not long before he comes upon the game's iconic hordes of zombies, which he uses to his own ends to attack hostile humanoids nearby. And then, the bear, the big bear wrapped in barbed wire.

Real people dangling from Sony's ceiling. Odd.

It was a decent if unconvincing showing. No release date was given.