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Someone's made a Barnard Castle driving game in Dreams

Didn't see that Cummings.

The devil works hard but Dreams creators work harder, as within only a day of Dominic Cummings' press conference in the rose garden of No. 10, someone has already made a minigame to mock one of his most infamous statements.

Over the past few days, the prime minister's chief adviser Dominic Cummings has defended a return trip he made from London to Durham during the height of lockdown restrictions in the UK, after both he and his wife had developed symptoms of Covid-19. During his time in Durham, Cummings claimed he had driven for 30 minutes to Barnard Castle to "see if [he] could drive safely" back to London after his "eyesight seemed to have been affected by the disease" (via BBC).

Naturally, large swathes of the internet decided to have some fun with this claim, and apart from writing fake tripadvisor reviews for Barnard Castle it seems at least one person has converted the statement into a minigame.

"Dominic needs to get back to work, but his eyes have gone all weird," reads the description for 30 Miles to Barnard Castle. "Best drive to Barnard Castle with his kid just to make sure it's safe to drive to London."

Created by stevie128k, the game requires the player to avoid a variety of obstacles while driving at high speed towards Barnard Castle: all with foggy vision, coughing noises and a loud child in the back as distractions. There's even a timer, if you feel like challenging yourself to a speedrun.

While not the most elegant minigame made in Dreams, it's pretty amusing - and does an effective job at highlighting the significant frustration and anger many feel towards the statements made by Cummings yesterday. Now all we need is a leaderboard for fastest times.