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After 130 hours of play, someone's maxed out The Division

The long Division.

It's taken just over a week, but someone has already maxed out their character in The Division, hitting the level caps in both the main game and the Dark Zone. Step forward, Chaos 3SK, and know those 130 hours weren't spent in vain.

While it takes only around 30 hours to reach the level cap of 30 in The Division, the Dark Zone's separate levelling system has remained something of a mystery. Ubisoft has just proudly announced that Chaos 3SK is the first person to reach its upper limit of 99, and has a DPS of 100,183 to go with it. Impressive stuff, especially given our proximity to the game's launch - although Ubisoft points out that Chaos 3SK started playing a mere 41 seconds after the servers were officially switched on. And you've got to wonder how they managed to find time for, you know, normal life around those 130 hours.

Plenty of other players are reaching the end-game of The Division at the moment, and some are finding the Dark Zone lacking when it comes to this point. There's two big free updates planned, though, which will mix things up, shunt those level caps a little higher and introduce Incursions, The Division's own take on raids, before the paid expansions start rolling in this June.

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