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Someone's already beaten Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC's tough new Trial of the Sword


Someone has already beaten The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's new Trial of the Sword challenge, released today as part of the game's big Master Trials DLC pack.

This 45-floor dungeon features rooms full of enemies Link must defeat only with the weapons and items he collects during the activity - you leave all your current equipment at the door.

YouTube streamer AbdallahSmash026 has just completed the dungeon in a little over four hours, and broadcast the whole thing. It looks hard.

By the end, AbdallahSmash026 was visibly exhausted and a little emotional.

The reward? An upgrade for your Master Sword which keeps it fully powered at all times, without a cooldown, with its ranged beam attack and still unbreakable, at 60 damage.

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Completing a set of levels will let you re-enter the dungeon at a later point, although you will not have any of the weapons or items from floors cleared so far. There's also the occasional rest floor, with a cooking pot to brew up meals and potions.

The Master Trials DLC is only available as part of the larger Breath of the Wild Expansion pass, which costs £17.99. The add-on also includes new quests for classic Zelda game-themed loot - which you can find out how to get started with here.

For more on Trial of the Sword, check out our DLC 1 guide offering the full rundown of this expansion's new content, including help on the Travel Medallion location, Korok Mask location and Tingle, Majora's Mask, Phantom, Midna outfit locations.

One spoilery moment I really enjoyed I'll detail below - after the following warning.


Listen closely to the music when Link receives his newly-powered Master Sword and there are a couple of definite sound cues from the last previous in the series, Skyward Sword. The Wii epic - a prequel to the rest of the series - revealed the Master Sword was inhabited by a spirit, Fi, who had therefore lived in the sword throughout every game you had played thus far. With Breath of the Wild accepted by fans as the last Zelda game in the series to-date chronologically, it's confirmation Fi is still in there, looking out for Link.