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Someone has made a gaming PC from a toilet

Cistern update.

The internet is quite the place. You can find everything on here, from how to boil an egg to, checks notes, make a toilet into a gaming PC. Huh.

But yes, it is actually a thing.

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This recent computer creation was made by Basically Homeless, who turned their loo into a fully functioning "12700 & 3060 gaming PC".

To do this, the YouTuber fitted their toilet's tank with a motherboard tray, a suitable amount of airflow and a self created "water wall" to keep the PC's tech and the toilet's plumbing separate. I mean, you wouldn't want everything getting soaked after each flush, would you?

After a lot of glue, a leak and more than just a dash of hopeful thinking, the toilet was soon booted up and Basically Homeless got to play a round of Counter Strike from the comfort (?) of their bathroom, as you can see in the image below.

Something, something, toilet humour.

As a result of this endeavour, Basically Homeless says they now know "more about plumbing than [they] ever thought [they] would."

Plus, they can just use their new compooper (sorry, I mean computer) to "go potty whilst gaming". And isn't that a lovely thought for your Monday afternoon...

You can watch Basically Homeless's full video documenting their build below.

Basically Homeless makes their toilet into a gaming PC.

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