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Glitch into a fiery bathtub, get your Red Dead Redemption 2 character naked

High moon.

Most Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are currently focused on the game's new online mode, the beta for which has already begun. Butt one player's attention has been fixed elsewhere. Thanks to an obscure (and slightly murderous) glitch, a player has found a way to walk around the world of Red Dead totally in the nip.

Safe to say, there's some NSFW content in this article - so you may want to angle your phone away from your family. Or else they may see Morgan they bargained for.

There are also some late game spoilers in the video: you have been warned.

Nearly ready for a bounty call.

The discovery was made by Reddit user S10Px, who apparently spent hours trying to glitch his clothes off after seeing a nudity mod which achieves the same effect. Unlike the mod, this glitch doesn't need Save Wizard software - just the base game, some elbow grease and a molotov. And, if you try this out yourself, make sure to make a separate save file first (and disable autosave).

According to S10Px's post and video, the process takes place in the town of Van Horn, where you need to kick things off by paying 25 cents for a bath. Instead of taking the bath, the next step is to murder everyone in the town. Quite literally bathing in the blood of your enemies, and everyone else, I guess.

After making this human sacrifice, there's a slightly intricate process of wallbreaching into the bathroom without triggering a cutscene, switching between first and third person cameras, and then chucking a molotov into the room. After this, you get to watch your character take a piping hot bath - complete with flames and screaming. I honestly can't tell if the video is comical or disturbing. Maybe both.

And then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a deadly bathtub, your character is reborn - with no clothes, no inventory, and no penis. Rockstar clearly never planned for anyone to have a literal baptism of fire in their game.

There are some limitations when playing with this glitch, however. For one thing, your inventory completely resets after the glitch - apart from cash, which somehow remains even when your character has no clothes. I don't want to think about how. There's also an additional step required if you want to save the game at this point, which S10Px details towards the end of his post.

S10Px says it's also possible to make your clothes invisible by buying them after glitching the game. It's not quite as ranchy though.

It seems like an extraordinarily complicated procedure, but S10Px claims that the similarity of Red Dead Redemption 2's mechanics to GTA5 helped them find the glitch. "Since you are naked in the bath, exiting the bath without using the 'normal' way skips the triggers that are supposed to give you your clothes back because the game still thinks you are in the bath," S10Px explains. In fact, the hardest part was apparently "find[ing] a way to die inside the bathroom".

The knowledge Red Dead Redemption 2 characters were modelled without penises is already fairly well known thanks to that infamous mod. Yet possibly the best thing about this story is the sheer length this player went to in order to find a nudity glitch. And, secondly, the weirdness of that video. That's my nightmare fuel sorted for the week.

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