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Silent Hills might have sent players real-life "emails or text messages"

Silent Chills.

Another day, another incredible rumour about Silent Hills, the horror game that just might've been the scariest ever made but, alas, never saw the light of day beyond its terrifying playable demo, P.T.

In the latest rumour - and honestly, this is a rumour, so please employ generous handfuls of salt - a little while back writer and producer Alanah Pearce responded to a Twitter question that asked her to share "anything about Silent Hills" that was not yet in the public consciousness. In response, Pearce said:

"I heard that Silent Hills would require you to sign a waiver before playing because it would somehow interact with your real-world self, like by sending you emails or text messages as characters from the game even when you weren't actively playing."

That's right: not only might you have had to manage the full-game equivalent of Lisa's spine-chilling moans during your gaming sessions; you'll also have to cope with receiving IRL messages, too, like some kind of hideous sentiment horror game (thanks, Gaming Bolt via SHHF). Wow. That's not at all terrifying.

I guess all we can do at this point is sit back and wait to see which, if any, of these ideas might make it into a future Kojima horror. Last week, the Death Stranding creator revealed he's watching horror movies again with a view to making "the scariest horror game".

In a tweet on his personal Twitter account, Kojima admitted that whilst developing P.T. - the playable teaser that turned out to be a secret announcement for an all-new Silent Hill game, Silent Hills - he rented horror The Eye but it was "too scary to finish watching". He also admitted that he was so scared by the cover, he "rented the disc only".

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