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Shadow of the Colossus - The Last Guardian Easter egg location for the Boon of the Nomad Trophy

Where to find The Last Guardian and Ico Easter eggs out in the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake.

A hidden The Last Guardian Easter egg is one of the few new additions of the Shadow of the Colossus is PS4 remaster.

Unlocking one of the game's Trophies, Boon of the Nomad, it's surprisingly close to the start of the game, allowing you to find it within five minutes of the opening cutscene wrapping up, if you were particularly keen to track it down.

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Where to find The Last Guardian Easter egg in Shadow of the Colossus

First, head to the Shrine of Worship (the temple where you start the game in the middle of the map) and take your horse Agro in a south-west direction.

You'll see some thin towers in the distance, and some rocks on the right. You'll want to turn into here, where you'll find the entrance to a forest.

Just a few moments into the forest, you'll notice some ruins through the trees to your left.

This is one of the game's many Shrines, which you can pray at to recover your health.

From here, continue going in a south-westerly direction, over a stream, until you come across a cave entrance in the ground.

Here's the specific location on the map - it's in segment E5, with the forest and its river represented by the squiggling line.

Head into the cave. At the far end is a barrel surrounded by butterflies.

Seem familiar? This is just like those you've seen in The Last Guardian. Throwaway Easter egg, or subtle sign there's more to connect these games than meets the eye?

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Either way, as soon as you get close enough, the Boon of the Nomad Trophy will appear. Done!

If you are having difficulties with the exact location, this video shows the complete route from the starting shrine to the cave:

Cover image for YouTube videoShadow of the Colossus PS4 The Last Guardian Easter Egg location

Why is it named Boon of the Nomad, you might be wondering? It's named after one of the leading theorists in the Shadow of the Colossus community, as confirmed by developer Bluepoint Games on Twitter:

This Easter egg is not the only new addition to Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 - it looks like there's a new mystery to solve in the form of additional collectables, one of which can be found in this very cave.

Where to find Ico Easter egg in Shadow of the Colossus

Fancy tracking down another Easter egg? This time it's one connected to Team Ico's first game, Ico.

Cover image for YouTube videoICO EASTER EGG - Shadow of the Colossus PS4

Head to the beach on map segment B5, and at the end against the cliff wall is a watermelon in the sand.

At first this is a seemingly random fruit to be found, but as the above video by Max Derrat explains, it's actually a reference to Ico's alternative ending, as well a nod (and not necessarily a confirmation) to fan speculation that this beach is the one and the same location.