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Shadow of the Colossus - Colossus 9 location and how to defeat teh ninth colossus Basaran, the Turtle Colossus

How to find and defeat the ninth colossus.

Colossus 9 in Shadow of the Colossus, also known as the ninth colossus Basaran, the Turtle Colossus, is surprisingly similar to the eighth, in that it's also an armored, fire-spitting, reptile-like beast that requires you to damage its legs.

It's slightly easier to find than some of the other colossi about, but can still be tad awkward - this wouldn't be Shadow of the Colossus if it wasn't! - so here on this page you'll find all the details on the ninth colossus' location as well as how to defeat Basaran, the Turtle Colossus.

Colossus 9location and how to find the ninth colossus Basaran, the Turtle Colossus

Basaran, the ninth colossus is located in the north-west direction of the central Shrine of Worship.

Head across the north-heading natural bridge once more, then hang left, or west, and follow the beam of your sword as always.

It'll eventually take you to a rocky wall, and a crevasse in the ground that's in your way.

Head away from the wall, keeping the large canyon's drop on you right nearby, and then swing right as soon as you can. You'll come out onto a dusty brown field of geysers, and the colossus will be dead ahead.

Head towards that back wall and the Turtle Colossus will appear from the shadows beneath the stalactites of the cave.

How to defeat the ninth colossus Basaran, the Turtle Colossus

The Turtle Colossus shoots fire, just like the last one - but this time it spits it in bursts of three high-speed projectiles, and it has massive range.

Your first task is to get away from it on Agro - head directly away from the colossus but maybe snake a little bit, seeing as it'll be firing at you repeatedly.

Once you've got some space between you, you'll see the colossus will start to follow. That's because in order to defeat it, you need to lead it over to one of the geysers and wait for the powerful plumes of water to tip it up on its side.

Here's the colossus being tipped up. See the green glow on the sole of its hoof in the bottom right. You need to hit two of those on the same side of it to make it roll all the way over.

It takes a little doing, but basically get way beyond the geyser you have in mind, and line yourself up with both that and the ninth colossus. After a bit of figuring out it we found it fine to execute.

When you get it right, you'll see Basaran get tipped up on its side, and it'll let out a groan. Your task now is to hit two of its feet, on the same side, with a shot from your bow.

Much the same as the second colossus, you'll see glowing green spots of vulnerability on the soles of its feet as its tipped up sideways. Hit those, and it'll tip all the way over onto its back.

At that point you need to charge it with Agro, and get to its underside - which'll normally be the side facing away from you when you shot its feet.

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On its belly is the traditional colossus fur. Hop onto it from Agro and get climbing quickly.

You need to get onto its side, which is riddled with obstacles and places where you could fall off, and work your way towards the head.

Now for the really tricky bit - you need to try and time your movement to its head with the colossus self-righting its body. As it begins to rotate towards being the right way up again, that's the time to make your move to the head. It took us more than one try, but it's very doable when you get the knack.

From there, it's business as usual. Drive the sword into its vulnerable spot, rinse and repeat if it shakes you off, and Basaran, the ninth colossus - or Turtle Colossus - will go down.

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You're whisked away once more to the Shrine of Worship, and the ninth idol crumbles.