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Shadow of the Colossus Enlightenments: How to get the Sword of Dormin after finding all 79 coins

How to solve the Enlightenment and 79 coin mystery added to the Shadow of the Colossus remake.

Shadow of the Colossus Enlightenments are a new mystery added to the PS4 version.

Outside of the 16 Colossus to defeat as part of the main story, the original had two sets of optional collectables to find - Fruit Trees and Lizard Tails - both of which also feature in the PS4 remake.

The remaster now introduces a third type of collectable, 'Enlightenments' (also known as 'Gold Coins' by players) which players can find for a unique reward.

If you're after more help, our Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough, guide and tips provides strategies for every Colossus.

How do Enlightenments and the 79 Coins in Shadow of the Colossus work?

Unlike Fruit Trees and Lizard Tails - which increase your health and stamina gauges respectively, and give you a Trophy for finding one of each - Enlightenments don't give you a reward until you find all 79.

Once you find your first Coin, they are logged in the bottom corner of the map screen as a number that increases with each subsequent find.

Why 79, you might be thinking? It's a reference to a message in the end credits, which thanks "Nomad Colossus and the 79 steps to enlightenment".

Nomad Colossus is one of the leading members of the Shadow of the Colossus secret-hunting community, with developer Bluepoint paying tribute by putting in a huge mystery of their own for fans to solve.

How to find Enlightenments in Shadow of the Colossus

These newly-added Golden Coins are hidden all over the map - found above cliffs, underwater on beaches, all the way to the elusive Secret Garden, which requires you replay the game at least four times to visit.

Though they are off the beaten path, you may stumble on some by accident over the course of your adventure. You'll know you are close as they emit a sparkling noise from your DualShock 4 controller.

If you're particularly interested in seeing what one looks like, there is one in the same cave where you find The Last Guardian Easter Egg.

Unlike Fruit Trees, there is no in-game map you can unlock to help you track down every Enlightenment. Fans are piecing together their own, however, with gmare17 on reddit putting together this map of 72 of the 79:

Credit gmare17 from reddit

For more tips, guides and detailed, step-by-step advice, be sure to try out our main Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough and guide can help you hunt down and kill every colossus, including the tricky Colossus 3, Colossus 8, Colossus 9 and Colossus 11. We also have explainers on all Agro tricks, how to find and use lizards and fruit and Enlightenments, and where to find a The Last Guardian Easter egg and all Shrine locations.

How to find Enlightenment reward the Sword of Dormin

The result of collecting every Enlightenment is initially underwhelming; there is no in-game message or alert to suggest you've done anything significant as you tip over from 78 to 79 necessary coins.

It does, however, activate a door in the game's starting temple area. Scout the outside walls until you find a glowing wall, and pray in front of it by holding R2 like you would a shrine.

Doing so opens the way to a cavern underneath the temple, with an otherworldly altar and a floating sword. Praying in front of it will reward you with the Sword of Dormin.

PS4Trophies was the first to uncover the mystery, and you can watch their moment of discovery at the 2 hour 22 minute mark:

Watch on YouTube

The Sword of Dormin is named after the mysterious entity that guides Wander throughout the game. Equipping it reduces your health regeneration, but increases your damage output significantly.

It should make speeding through the game's Colossi easier, though at this point after finishing the game a handful of times to reach every Enlightenment, you have to question its use.

Which has led to fans speculating there is more to this sword that meets the eye. Chances are that's all finding these Enlightenments unlocks, but we'll report back if players discover something more. Perhaps there is one last big secret to find, as believed with the PS2 original.

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