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SFIV could get Dee Jay, T-Hawk

Capcom says fans need only to ask.

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Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono said characters T. Hawk and Dee Jay can be added to the fighting game if fans shout loud enough.

"The development team said, 'We want them in!'" Ono told Famitsu (read by Kotaku). "Honestly, we did the modelling up to the pre-texturing. We made the fight settings for T. Hawk in Street Fighter IV.

"If users make their voices known, this prep work is something we can revive at any time."

But obviously don't shout, because T. Hawk is rubbish and Dee Jay fights like that break-dancing Power Ranger.

Plus, the console version of Street Fighter IV, which launches tomorrow, already boasts a beefier roster than the arcade release. Fighters Cammy, Fei-Long, Dan, Rose, Sakura and Gen have all been added. And Akuma, Seth and Gouken are all now playable.

We've recently called SFIV "the perfect Street Fighter", and awarded the game 10/10. Head over to our Street Fighter IV review to find out why.

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