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Second annual Video Game Accessibility Awards celebrates gaming accessibility

Halo Infinite wins two awards.

The second annual Video Game Accessibility Awards took place over the weekend, celebrating games making strides in accessibility.

Hosted and co-created by Sony Santa Monica writer Alanah Pearce and AbleGamers senior director Steven Spohn, the awards took place on YouTube and Twitch.

The award categories highlight the most important accessibility options, based on guidelines from AbleGamers.

Halo Infinite won two awards for Clear Text and Training Grounds. The former is for a game that allows its text to be most clearly read; the latter is for a game that offers a place for players to improve their skills outside of the main game.

The remaining winners were Life Is Strange: True Colors for allowing players to bypass sections they cannot engage with; Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker for the ability to remap controls; It Takes Two for allowing players to progress with assistance from another player; Far Cry 6 for its customisable precision; Forza Horizon 5 for its AI assistance; Before Your Eyes for reducing the amount of inputs required; and Guardians of the Galaxy for giving players a second means or interface to get the information they may need to progress.

Xbox Game Studios therefore won three awards, having gained five nominations - the most of any publisher.

Guardians of the Galaxy has been celebrated on Eurogamer for its accessibility options. Malindy also spoke to the accessibility department on their work.

You can watch the Video Game Accessibility Awards 2021 in full below.

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