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Save 15% on the Resident Evil Village Winters' Expansion DLC at Fanatical

A Rose by any other name would be as horrifying.

It’s hard to believe that we’re now almost 18 months on from Resident Evil Village’s launch, and that Capcom’s initial announcement for DLC, consisting of some white text at E3, is about to materialise in a few day’s time. But here we are, and you can already pick up the PC version at a discount from Fanatical for only £13.56.

The Winters' Expansion is set to roll out across Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PS4, and Steam on 28th October 2022, offering a new story scenario and some shake-ups to the original title, including an optional third-person perspective for the base game. Ethan’s face will remain a mystery though, according to game director Kento Kinoshita, who said that “Ethan will look away” if you turn the camera to face him. Aw. You can try this for yourself ahead of launch with a new demo, out now on all platforms.

Village’s story continues some years later in the new single player add-on Shadows of Rose, which puts players in control of Ethan’s now grown-up daughter, an entirely new playable character for the series. Rose finds herself stuck in the nightmarish “Realm of Consciousness” as she seeks to discover her heritage and learn more about her powers. Mercenaries mode also gets three new characters in the bundle, including long-serving Chris Redfield and fan favourite Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil: Re:Verse, a competitive, cross-play multiplayer spin-off, also launches alongside the Winters' Expansion having been pushed back from June 2021. Re:Verse is free for people who own any version of Resident Evil Village, and sees characters from across the franchise’s history pitted against each other in a PvP deathmatch.

There’s an early access event for Re:Verse running for two days, from 02:00 GMT on 24th October (19:00 PT 23/10) through to 06:00 GMT on 26th(23:00 PT 25/10), ahead of the full launch on the 28th.

If you haven’t yet played Village, the base game and DLC is also collected in the Gold Edition, which is up for pre-order for £44.99 on PlayStation 4 and 5, and £39.99 on Xbox One/Series S and X. There are some deals to be had at Base and ShopTo to save on those prices as well.

The Steam version is unavailable for pre-order, but will also go live on the 28th.

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