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Saints Row 4 banned in Australia for including alien anal probe

UPDATE: Deep Silver "reworking code" down under to ensure release.

UPDATE: Saints Row developer Volition is making changes to the game's Australian version - namely, removing the "Alien Anal Probe" weapon which last month saw its release banned by the country's censors.

The developer is "reworking some of the code" to remove "content which could cause offence", publisher Deep Silver told Strategy Informer.

In the meantime, Deep Silver is continuing to take pre-orders for the game under a new "Low Violence Version" label.

UPDATE: Bonkers open world adventure Saints Row 4 will not see an Australian release in its current form due to the inclusion of an "Alien Anal Probe" weapon.

The extraterrestrial device fell foul of censors at the Aussie Classification Board, Kotaku reported.

Its depiction in Saints Row 4 implied sexual violence that was "not justified by context", the ACB report stated:

Saints Row: The Third famously included a dildo-shaped baseball bat weapon.

Saints Row 4 also includes an optional mission involving "alien narcotics", the ACB noted. Smoking these drugs grants "superpowers", something which the Board also looked upon disapprovingly.

The game is the second title in as many days to recieve a ban in Australia. Xbox Live Arcade success State of Decay will also not be released there in its current form, due its inclusion of real world narcotics as medication.

"We are still planning on releasing Saints Row 4 in Australia and we hope to have more news on that front soon," Volition wrote on its official Twitter account.

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