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Saint Row 2 to get PC offering

It can't refuse, brrap.

THQ has decided to add a PC version to gangland sequel Saints Row 2.

It's set to be released at the same time as its fellow 360 and PS3 inmates, according to GameSpot, which were recently delayed from August to 17th October.

The game was pushed back to allow more polish as well as give the publisher a chance to make some more posters and telly adverts. It also moves it away from the downloadable episodes for the Xbox 360 version of established rival Grand Theft Auto IV.

Saints Row 2 brings with it online co-op, more customisation options, a wider array of vehicles including ones in the air, better graphics and a much darker storyline.

Developer Volition has said it wouldn't launch this year if it didn't think it could compete with GTA IV. Pop over to our Saints Row 2 preview to see how it's shaping up.