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Rocksteady releases update to five-year-old Batman: Arkham Knight

Unlocking two bizarre costumes.

It's been five long years since Rocksteady's last big Batman game, but there's a new update for it today.

Download the patch and you'll get access to two slightly bizarre skins for your Dark Knight: the Zur En Arrh Batman, and the Anime Batman.

Both of these were previously unlockable if you fiddled around with WBplay, an online account service set up by publisher Warner Bros. which has now gone the way of the dodo. No tears were lost about that, but it did mean these skins were left in limbo.

Rocksteady announced the update on Twitter today as a "little gift just in time for the holiday season":

Looking into 2021, the next Batman game will come from Batman Arkham Oranges studio WB Games Montreal. The project is called Gotham Knights, and will chronicle the future of Batman's city after the caped crusader's apparent death. You will instead play as sidekicks Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood and try to defeat a criminal group named the Court of Owls. It will be set in a new, non-Arkhamverse continuity.

Looking further to the future, Rocksteady will eventually return in 2022 with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. That will be set in the Arkhamverse, though over in Metropolis. As you'd expect, it'll star the Suicide Squad led by Harley Quinn, and includes you fighting a Brainiac-controlled Superman.