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Rocksmith delayed in Europe

Import "at your own risk", Ubisoft warns.

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Rocksmith, Ubisoft's music guitar game, has been delayed in Europe to 2012.

In a post on the Rocksmith Facebook page, Ubisoft blamed the delay on music licensing and "other external factors".

Ubisoft warned fans that importing the game may not be a good idea.

"For those of you in Europe who plan to import the game, we want to advise you to do so at your own risk," it said.

The Xbox 360 version of the game is region locked. The PlayStation 3 version is not region locked, but does not support PAL. Ubisoft noted the PlayStation Store is region locked, "and therefore you will not be able to download DLC outside of your region".

Rocksmith comes with a real electric guitar and features songs from the Rolling Stones and Nirvana.

"Guitar Hero is a party game. Rocksmith is a music experience," Ubisoft senior vice president of marketing Tony Key said when the game was announced earlier this year.

Ubisoft reckons Rocksmith will teach players how to play the guitar - this, it says, makes it a game with "benefits". It is said to play like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but you're strumming and picking actual notes and chords on real strings. The game learns your abilities as you play and "adjusts gently" to help you learn.

It comes with a standard input jack that can plug "most" electric guitars into a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

"Please know that we are working hard to ensure that everyone in Europe can get their hands on Rocksmith as soon as possible!" the Facebook message continued. "Thanks for the continued support!"

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