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Riot Games agrees $100m gender discrimination settlement

"We must also take responsibility for the past."

League of Legends maker Riot Games has agreed a $100m (£74m) settlement to finally end its long-running gender discrimination lawsuit.

The settlement, announced at the end of December, brings to a close the class action suit filed by employees back in 2018.

Numerous staff members, past and present, said Riot Games had been a toxic place to work where sexism was commonplace. More than 2000 women joined the suit.

Out of the $100m total, $80m will be paid to women in full-time and contract positions. Riot will also reserve $6m each year for three years to adjust pay, create 40 full-time positions for affected contractors, and to have third-parties monitor its progress.

Riot previously proposed a $10m settlement, which the investigating California Department of Fair Employment and Housing said was nowhere near enough.

The DFEH then suggested a possible figure near $400m - something Riot replied was "reckless". $100m, then, seems a compromise for both sides.

"If entered by the court, this decree will compensate employees and contractors affected by sex discrimination and harassment, ensure lasting change in this workplace, and send the message that all industries in California, including the gaming industry, must provide equal pay and workplaces free from discrimination and harassment," said Kevin Kish, the DFEH's director.

"While we're proud of how far we've come since 2018, we must also take responsibility for the past," Riot Games said in a statement. "We hope that this settlement properly acknowledges those who had negative experiences at Riot and demonstrates our desire to lead by example in bringing more accountability and equality to the games industry."

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