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Ridge Racer Unbounded announced

Due out next year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Namco has announced a brand new multiplatform Ridge Racer game, due out next year for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Little is known about Ridge Racer Unbounded. A teaser trailer, which does not contain gameplay footage, is available to view below.

It's in development at Bugbear Entertainment, the Finnish developer behind the FlatOut series and 2007 PSP game SEGA Rally.

The trailer shows a car driving through steamy urban streets at night. A woman leaves, walks through steam, and enters another car. She then drives straight into a taxi, knocking it flying, before tearing off. We're getting a Need for Speed vibe, with some open world destruction thrown in for good measure.

"We are all aware of what its concept is," was all Ridge Racer 3D game director Masamichi Yamazaki would offer Eurogamer when quizzed in San Francisco this week. "But we're not the spokesperson for that title. All the Ridge Racers have their own concepts and target audiences. That is a very different Ridge Racer from this [Ridge Racer 3DS] one.

"This one is a more rightful successor of the series."

Ridge Racer 7 was a PlayStation 3 exclusive that launched alongside the console in 2006, although it didn't hit Europe until 2007.

Ridge Racer Unbounded's reveal trailer.

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