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Resident Evil 7 ending reveals mysterious free Not a Hero DLC


Braved your way to the end of Resident Evil 7? Stay put until after the credits and Capcom will reward you with the promise of free DLC.

Titled as Not a Hero, the pack will launch sometime this spring.

The big news, however, is the identity of the character it stars. Who is it? Beware of spoilers for Resi 7's ending below.

Resident Evil 7 ending spoilers follow

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As reported previously, Resident Evil 7's ending features a surprise cameo from someone who introduces themselves as "Redfield".

This character will be the lead in Not a Hero, per this teaser image (right) which you see after the game's credits roll.

But who is "Redfield"? Surely it is Chris Redfield - star of Resident Evil 1, 5 and 6 - right? Well, some fans aren't sure.

For starters, "Redfield" looks nothing like Chris. He's still beefy, sure, but blonde. Chris is dark-haired. And that face? We're really hoping that's not just Resi's new engine. "Redfield" also arrives in a helicopter bearing the Umbrella logo - they're the bad guys, and Chris' enemies.

There's a popular fan theory circulating that "Redfield" is actually Hunk, the perpetually-masked Umbrella operative who has popped up in numerous earlier games.

The few glimpses we have seen of his face appear similar to "Redfield" - blonde and stubbled. Here's a comparison showing his epilogue card from Resident Evil 3 (thanks, NeoGAF):

It also would throw new light on Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan - who is either an Umbrella operative himself or at least friendly to the reformed organisation. It all sounds perfect to be expanded upon in the Not a Hero DLC.