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Resident Evil 7 demo updated with new areas

UPDATE: A rundown of the objects and mysteries discovered in the update.

UPDATE September 16th 2016: Here's a rundown of what's new in the Resident Evil 7 1.01 demo update - including a use for one of the teaser's most mysterious items. Be wary of spoilers ahead if you've yet to try it yourself.

The biggest addition is an entirely new room in attic, which you can access almost immediately by starting the demo over again and using the Fuse that's found in the opening area's secret compartment.

Inside are several never-before-seen items, but none seemingly have any application. There's some Handgun Ammo (but no Handgun), a Basement Key (but no door to use it on) and an 'Object made with Celluloid'. This in particular combines with the Dummy Finger - which Capcom teased its fans about since the demo's release in June - to create the Dummy's Left Hand. This, however, doesn't seem to have any use either.

The new room has yet more mannequins to be creeped out by.

Between these unusable items, other mysteries (a locked window leading outside, and burn marks surrounding a door downstairs) and new new phone call dialogue that hints at more to come ("...some doors must remain closed - for now") it's thought we will have to wait for a further update before getting more answers.

You can read more on the above objects and how to find them as part of our Resident Evil 7 endings and demo secrets guide.

ORIGINAL STORY September 16th 2016: Resident Evil 7's hugely popular demo has today received an update, unlocking new areas.

The Beginning Hour trial is available now to all PS4 owners and not just those with PlayStation Plus, and has so far been downloaded more than 3m times.

For those with the demo already, simply download the update to find several extra rooms and items.

Resi 7's Reddit is already abuzz with what they could mean. We're playing through it now ourselves to discover more - there may finally be a use for that mysterious dummy finger too.

If you can't play until later (or only have Xbox One) then you can still enjoy the new trailer below - showing the entire Baker family for the first time.

Watch on YouTube

This kooky clan can be seen feasting on entrails, and other less-than-sane things. The matriarch of the family is the one who chased us in the Resident Evil 7 gameplay section I played last month at Gamescom, which had some lovely Alien: Isolation vibes.

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