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Resident Evil 6's on-disc DLC will be free

Includes new difficulty and Ada's campaign is now available from the start with optional co-op.

Capcom raised a lot of scorn among gamers when it was revealed that some of Resident Evil 6's DLC was already on the disc and merely needed a download key to function, but the publisher recently announced that all this content will be unlocked for free as a title update "soon."

This pro-bono content includes the already rumoured extra hard No Hope difficulty mode along with an optional co-op partner for Ada Wong's campaign - even if it's not been announced just who that will be yet.

Additionally, Ada's campaign will be unlockable from the get-go, so you'll no longer need to play through a bajillion hours of three other campaigns to access it.

This is great news as our Simon Parkin considered it the highlight of the package. It "brings the most diverse flavour," he wrote in his 6/10 Resident Evil 6 review. "That Wong's campaign is tucked away at the tail end of the game is a shame."

Capcom further clarified that the on-disc Mercenary costumes are unlocks and future paid DLC such as new multiplayer modes are not on the disc.

"The tl;dr version is - RE6 on-disc DLC is free, paid DLC is not on the disc."

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