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Resident Evil 4 HD achievements leak

Krauser's inside story.

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Achievements for the Xbox 360 high definition remake of Resident Evil 4 have leaked online.

The list, as posted on, includes trickier awards for completing the game on Professional difficulty and for nabbing the entire set of bottle cap collectibles via the in-game shooting ranges.

Like Code Veronica X HD, the game contains 1000 achievement points. The pair of downloadable remakes launch as a full retail releases in Japan, thereby circumventing the usual Arcade quota of 200G. Both, however, keep the 12 achievement limit.

Apart from one achievement requiring gamers acquire the entire wardrobe of alternative costumes (by completing both the main game and extra Ada Wong-centric mode Separate Ways), gamers should be able to unlock the rest of the list simply through natural story progression.

There are no rewards for playing the game's Mercenaries mode.

Likewise, you'll get no achievements for helping that stray dog or getting Ashley to call you a pervert.

The full list lies below:

  • It Begins With a Ring (50G): Ring the mysterious bell. What happens after that, is up to you.
  • Do Not Shoot the Water! (50G): Summon the master of the lake. Don't rock the boat.
  • A Rock and a Hard Place (50G): Outmaneuver the rampaging beast, El Gigante.
  • Secure the Ballistics (50G): Rescue the president's daughter, Ashley. Afterwards, the real fun begins.
  • A Bloodline Severed (50G): Defeat the village chief in battle.
  • A Terrifying Assassin (150G): Turn the tables on Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar.
  • The Castellan Falls (50G): Defeat Salazar, and make your escape from the castle.
  • The Ties That Bind (50G): Defeat Krauser, your former partner, in battle.
  • We're Going Home (100G): Defeat Saddler in battle, and escape from the nightmare.
  • A Heart of Steel (150G): Clear the game on the highest difficulty.
  • What Are They Worth? (150G): Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game.
  • The S Stands for Stylish!! (100G): Acquire all of the costumes in the game.

The Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica HD revamps release this autumn on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Resident Evil 4 HD comparison footage.

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