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Resi 5 demo coming to PS3 next month

Xbox 360 sampler next Monday.

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Capcom has confirmed the PS3 is getting a Resident Evil 5 demo after all - over a week later than it appears on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Levels Assembly Place and Shanty Town are included, and can be played alone with a computer-brain companion or with a friend in split-screen or PSN co-op.

The demo will be available on PSN from 2nd February. The full game, remember, comes out here on Friday 13th March.

The news comes as Capcom shows an extended Resident Evil 5 CGI trailer that was chopped down for the Tokyo Game Show late last year.

Did you know that Resident Evil 5 is your, our readers', third most wanted game of 2009? Only SOCOM: Confrontation and Killzone 2 have more fans.

And we're also looking forward to the game, as our Coming Attractions: Shooters & Racing roundup will point out later today.

Until then, head over to our Resident Evil 5 gamepage for much more information.

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