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Refunds available for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Premium customers

Microsoft giving £39.99 back.

Some people are successfully requesting refunds from Microsoft for Battlefield 4 Premium on Xbox One.

They're unhappy about the service they paid £39.99 for, which offered them downloadable content Second Assault as a timed exclusive, and for free. But it didn't work, and those who downloaded it experienced poor connectivity with Battlefield 4 servers ever after.

EA and Microsoft announced they were investigating the issue at the end of November, but no results were ever aired. Neither company has responded to our request for comment.

So irate Battlelog forum members took matters into their own hands and requested refunds from Microsoft Support, and it worked. They are no longer, however, subscribers to Battlefield 4 Premium - that membership has been revoked.

It's unclear whether Sony will offer the same refund for people on PS4. Some customers reported trying, but without an online chat service like Microsoft Support, responses are less immediate.

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