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Red Thread demos Dreamfall Chapters live on stage at Rezzed 2013

There's Norway you'll not like it.

Red Thread Games demoed Kickstarted 3D adventure game Dreamfall Chapters live on stage at Rezzed in Birmingham, UK, today.

Head honcho Ragnar Tornquist walked lead character Zoe Castillo around the cyberpunk city of Europolis, built on the top of the ruins of Czech capital Prague, where even the bins talk.

It was a work-in-progress build, the game not due out until November 2014, but it was robust and good looking. The unobtrusive pop-up UI was seen as Zoe took on her task of hacking a robot using a hack stored on her mobile phone.

The robot's programming was changed and with it its voice, becoming a sweet, affectionate little girl. This made the upcoming decision much more difficult - could Zoe order this robot to blow itself up?

That question underlined a new system in Dreamfall Chapters of choice and consequence - you'll make decisions that have ramifications throughout the game. But, stressed Red Thread, the game won't be smothered in them.

As Zoe pondered her answer we saw another new feature - a social one. You'll be able to see the percentage of people who have picked either answer - a feature you can turn on or off.

Without further ado, here's the video. Dreamfall Chapters is coming to PC, Mac and Linux in November 2014.

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