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Dreamfall Chapters Book Three release date

The Longest Journey gets even longer this week.

Book Three - Realms - of the Dreamfall Chapters adventure series will be released this Thursday, 25th June.

Realms is the third of five episodes, and continues the parallel adventures of Zoë Castillo and Kian Alvane.

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Dreamfall Chapters, a Kickstarted episodic series by Red Thread Games - led by Ragnar Tornquist, creator of The Longuest Journey - can only be bought in one lump. You can't buy the episodes individually. It's currently 33 per cent off in the Steam Summer Sale, priced £16.07. That discount ends 6pm UK time.

Dreamfall Chapters got off to a wobbly start but showed much promise. "They are, however, mostly problems of the sort that would barely register in the opening hours of a complete game," our Dan Whitehead wrote, "and will hopefully disappear over time as the story deepens and the gameplay evolves."

We haven't reviewed Book Two.

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