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Red Dead Redemption has difficulty levels

First time ever in a R* openworld game.

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Rockstar has revealed that Red Dead Redemption features three difficulty levels.

According to a Q&A on the official site, the decision was made to vary the level of auto-aiming available.

"Casual mode gives you a full auto-aim system (and faster regenerating health)," the site explains. "Normal mode features snap-to-target with precise aiming using the right stick. Expert mode implements free aim with no lock-on at all.

"First time we have done this in an openworld game, so we will be interested to see what people think having played with each option," the site notes.

Check out our recent Red Dead Redemption multiplayer hands-on to hear how that site of the game is shaping up.

Red Dead Redemption is due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 21st May.

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