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Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary animal locations and how to defeat them

Our list of Legendary animals locations in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals are some of the most valuable creatures you can find out in the wilderness.

They require a slightly different approach to hunting for perfect pelts, hides and skins, but the core challenge is the same. Meanwhile, the rewards are also different - allowing you to unlock valuable Perks and Trinkets.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals requirements and preparation

There are a total of 16 Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, but only 10 of them can be found and hunted in the wild once you complete Chapter One and leave the mountain. Three are locked either in specific story missions or as part of Hunting Challenge milestones. These are as follows:

  • Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear requirement - Unlocked after completing the Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego mission in Chapter Two
  • Legendary Bullgator requirement - Featured in the 'Country Pursuits' mission in Chapter Four
  • Legendary Giaguaro Panther requirement - Unlocked once reaching rank nine in the Master Hunter challenges

A further three are located in the area to the southwest of the map and can only be accessed once the bounty in Blackwater has been lifted. To do this, you'll need to complete Chapter Six and reach the Epilogue.

You can pay off the bounty in this region, but Blackwater completely cuts off this final area and you'll likely be killed by lawmen and bounty hunters before you make it through. These three Legendary Animals are:

  • Legendary Cougar requirement - Complete Chapter Six to access
  • Legendary Pronghorn requirement - Complete Chapter Six to access
  • Legendary Tatanka requirement Bison - Complete Chapter Six to access

Here to find Legendary Animal locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

This page features a list of Legendary Animal locations in Red Dead Redemption 2, but it's not a simple case of going somewhere and the animal simply appearing - you first need to track the beast in question before you get a shot at taking down.

To do this, enter the area in question and the game will inform you that you've entered the territory of a Legendary Animal.

Now start exploring the area until a white question mark appears on the mini-map (we found running in a wide-ish circle eventually reveals this marker). This denotes the first clue you'll need to follow (out of a total of three per animal). This will have a golden plume of dust above it when in Eagle Eye mode.

Follow all three track clues and you'll be less directly to your Legendary Animal prey. It's also important to know that these unique creatures won't spawn of there's too much activity in the area. We found setting up a camp nearby tended to reset this issue.

Here are the Legendary Animal locations we've found so far:

Legendary Wolf location

Legendary Animal Location: Cotorra Spring, west of Bacchus Bridge.

This Legendary Animal will be a tough fight, mainly because it's located in an area that's mostly flat without much scenery to use to your advantage. This area is known as Cotorra Springs, and its northwest of Bacchus Station. The first clue you need is located above the head of the wolf drawing on the map.

Follow all three clues (dung, fur and carcass) then the fight begins. The wolf will be patrolling east of the carcass clue, so mount the nearby rocky outcropping, equip your Sniper Rifle and scan for your prey. Land a headshot and the wolf should be far enough away to not to know where you are, meaning you should be able to land a second shot. This animal is /very/ tough, and can kill you even when it's limping. Use Dead Eye with a Shotgun up close if it tracks you down.

Legendary Boar

Legendary Animal Location: Bluewater Marsh, north of Lagras.

This area is surrounded by wetlands, and you'll know you're in the right area because there will be plenty of regular boar milling about. The first clue can be found just underneath the giant boar image on the map. Follow the first clue (dung) to the second (broken sticks) and finally the third (more dung).

The boar itself isn't aggressive and won't attack you. Use your Dead Eye to drop it immediately, or use your Bow/Sniper Rifle to put two headshots in it to put it down for good. This beast can only be skinned at the site of its death.

Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear location

Legendary Animal Location: Grizzlies East, just north of O'Creagh's Run (after completing 'Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego' mission in Chapter Two).

The first Legendary Animal introduced to you via the story isn't as tough a fight as you might think (well, if you know how to use the environment to your advantage, that is). His home is north of O'Creagh's Run, and the first clue can be found near where he almost killed you and Hosea back in Chapter Two.

There are only /two/ clues needed to locate this Legendary Animal, rather than the usual three - so don't start sprinting around after the second clue or you'll give yourself away. His home is located beside the mountain, up a narrow pathway. Climb the rock shown in the screenshot to the left of the pathway, equip your Sniper Rifle and land a headshot on the bear roaming at the top. It'll take four shots to kill him, but if you stick to that spot, he won't be able to get you.

Legendary Moose location

Legendary Animal Location: Roanoke Ridge, at the northeast tip of the map.

Your first clue can be found on a tree just off the track as you enter this beast's territory from the northwest. Inspect it, then follow the trail to some dung, and finally some fur.

The noise itself isn't that aggressive, so either use Dead Eye or simply hit it with three or four headshots with your Bow to bring it down.

Legendary Bighorn Ram location

Legendary Animal Location: Cattail Pond, west of Valentine.

East of Cattail Pond, you'll find a rocky hill that denotes the territory of this Legendary Animal. The first clue is some dung (as shown in the screenshot), which will lead you to a tree hub just south of it. Finally, follow the trail to some fur, which will then lead you to the team itself.

The ram patrols a nearby hill and will flee as soon as it smells your or you land a non-fatal strike. A couple of headshot with your Bow will help fell this Legendary Animal.

Legendary White Bison location

Legendary Animal Location: Lake Isabella, at the west end of the Grizzlies.

You'll need to head to the northern edge of Lake Isabella to find the first clue for this Legendary Animal (it also helps to dress warmly for this one as the code exposure will drain your health). The first clue is some fur on a rock by the shoreline.

There's some dung atop a rock outcropping to the east of the first clue. Head eastwards along the shore to locate some broken sticks. The bison can be found in the trees in front of you. He's tough, but not that aggressive, so use a Shotgun, Repeater or Sniper Rifle to bring him down.

Legendary Beaver location

Legendary Animal Location: Just southwest of Butcher Creek.

This Legendary Animal's first clue can be found on the shore southwest of Huron Glen. Inspect these broken sticks then follow the trial to some dung then to some more broken sticks.

Follow the trial back to the shore and you'll find the beaver nearby. He's easy to kill, and a well-placed headshot with your Bow from the side will be enough to put him down for good.

Legendary Buck location

Legendary Animal Location: Northwest of Strawberry.

The Legendary Buck is located in Big Valley, which can be found northwest of Strawberry. The first clue (fur) can be found in between the area's black border and the elk figure on the map. Follow the trail to the second clue (dung) and then to the third (dung again) before the trail to your quarry is unlocked.

While this animal is not aggressive, it's extremely fast and has a wide area in which to evade you. There are lots of trees too, so it can be hard to get a good shot off. Be sure to use Eagle Eye to relocate the scene trail and take your time before finishing this passive beast off once and for all.

Legendary Coyote location

Legendary Animal Location: Scarlett Meadows, to the northwest of Rhodes.

In Scarlett Meadows, look for the first clue at the top of a copse. Inspect this dung, then follow the trail to some fur. Finally, follow the next trail to a sheep carcass. The Legendary Animal in question can be found roaming the waterhole just past the sheep corpse.

This coyote isn't that big, and won't put up much of a threat, but it is fast. So let it approach one of the carcasses below and use your Sniper Rifle to bring it down. You may need to kill it with your knife when you reach it. You can take the entire body to a Trapper.

Legendary Elk location

Legendary Animal Location: Just east of Bacchus Station.

The first clue for this Legendary Animal can be found on the hill just north of the train track that runs towards Bacchus Station from the east. The first clue is some dung, which will lead to a tree rub and finally some fur.

The elk itself won't attack you, and will instead to flee. It usually doubles back so be patient, and wait for those headshots with a Bow or Sniper Rifle.

Legendary Fox location

Legendary Animal Location: Just north of the fence in Rhodes.

To the north of Rhodes in the area known as Mattock Pond, you'll find the territory of the Legendary Fox. This is a highly wooded area, so look for the first clue in the first screenshot above. Follow the clues (dung, broken sticks and fur) before heading over the brow of the hill to the other side.

At the bottom of the hill, you'll find the fox wandering along the shoreline. While the fox is one of the smaller animals you'll hunt on this list, it's bigger than a regular fox and white, so it's very easy to spot. Strike it with a Bow or Sniper Rifle before collecting your rewards.

Legendary Bullgator

Legendary Animal Location: Bayou Nova, just west of Lakay; featured in the 'Country Pursuits' mission in Chapter Four.

Triggering this particular Legendary Animal can be a challenge in itself. The ability to track it (signified by an on-screen prompt, a bullgator image with a crown on your map and a question mark to denote the first clue) should appear once you've completed the mission 'Country Pursuits' during Chapter Four.

However, for some players - including us - this hunt would not trigger after completing this mission, even when revisiting the location shown in the first screenshot multiple times. For us, the hunt became available after the beginning of the Chapter Six.

Once you've followed the three clues shown in the subsequent screens (broken sticks and two carcasses), the animal itself will spawn. And it's a beast and a half. Be prepared for one of the toughest fights of the game. Despite its size, the Legendary Bullgator is very fast, and there's very little cover and nothing you can use to gain safe elevation. Focus on throwing dynamite, headshots with your Sniper Rifle and multiple headshots with a Repeater (while in Dead Eye mode) as it charges you.

Legendary Tatanka Bison

Legendary Animal Location: Hennigan's Stead, just southeast of MacFarlane's Ranch.

This Legendary Animal might be large in size, but it's not particularly aggressive and is likely to flee once you start attacking it. Look for the first clue to begin the hunt in the grassy plains of Hennigan's Stead. Follow all three clues (Bison Dung, Broken Sticks and Fur) and it will spawn in the vicinity.

Due to the size and thickness of its skull, the best way to bring it down is to deliver two to three powerful headshots from the side. A Sniper Rifle, scoped Carbine or Bow should be enough to bring this powerful beast to heel. It's too big to carry whole, so you'll have to skin it where it was slain.

Legendary Pronghorn

Legendary Animal Location: Rio Del Lobo Rock, east of Fort Mercer.

This Legendary Pronghorn is essentially a giant white goat, so it won't be aggressive towards. However, it's wicked fast so we suggest packing something powerful like a Sniper Rifle for this hunt. It's found in the dusty grasslands east of Fort Mercer.

Follow the three clues (Fur, Dung and Fur) and the trail to the animal itself will appear. Its white coat will make it stand out against the local scenery. We used a combination of a Sniper Rifle scope and Dead Eye mode to deliver two deadly headshots. This carcass can be carried whole to the Trapper.

Legendary Cougar

Legendary Animal Location: Gaptooth Ridge, straight west from Tumbleweed.

This particular Legendary Animal is one of the most challenging, mainly because it can soak up a lot of damage and can cover huge distances in the blink of an eye. So before heading out, buy some Cover Scent and apply it before you start the hunt. Using a Snake Oil will also help as it'll fortify your Dead Eye core briefly. Also equip a Sniper Rifle and a Shotgun. Approach its territory, which can be found west of Tumbleweed.

Follow all three clues (Dung, Blood and Carcass) then be ready for the fight ahead. The Cougar can usually be found patrolling the hill to the south of the region, so use Eagle Eye mode to follow the track and pick it out among the brush. Hit it with a headshot with your Sniper Rifle, then switch to your Shotgun, activate Dead Eye and hit it up close to down this big cat before it chews you to bits.

Legendary Giaguaro Panther

Legendary Animal Location: Lemoyne, west of Shady Belle (after completing the Master Hunter challenge, rank nine).

The Legendary Giaguaro Panther moves a lot like the Legendary Cougar, so the same approach to hunting this beast is needed here. It's incredibly fast and will pick up your scent in a heartbeat, so cover up your scent before triggering it in the Lemoyne swamp.

There's no real cover so equip your Sniper Rifle, land a headshot to the side, switch to a Repeater, a Shotgun (the Double-Barreled version works very well here) or double Revolver and activate Dead Eye mode. You'll need the slowdown as the Panther will pounce and kill you in one hit, forcing you to wait a day or more for it to respawn.

How to prepare for Legendary Animal encounters

All the Legendary Animals will pose a more formidable kind of quarry to the normal ones you're used to hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2, and some will post considerable danger to you if they get their paws on you.

Thankfully, you don't have to worry about making Perfect Kills in order to achieve Perfect Pelts. Every Legendary Animal will have a Perfect quality rating, regardless of how you bring it down.

So you can throw dynamite, fill it with bullets from your revolver or whatever messy means of death-dealing you prefer. The end result is always loot of the highest quality. However, it pays to be prepared before heading into a one-on-one battle with one of these infamous beasts.

First off, make sure your Dead Eye meter is filled to the top, so you can rely on it when making a surprise attack or fending off a charging threat. It also helps to have reached the fourth rank of this ability as it means you can identify organs that will prove fatal if hit. Also make sure you have some powerful weapons, such as a Bow with Improved Arrows or Poison Arrows. A Sniper Rifle and most forms of Shotgun are also very useful when facing Legendary Animals.

Finally, remember that these creatures are unique and can only be killed once. Be sure to skin them immediately and take both their pelt and any unique items they produce (such as claws, teeth and horns) as these are vital if you want to craft equally unique Trinkets.

However, if you leave a Legendary Animal kill unlooted, the items will automatically be sent to the nearest Trapper.

Other things you should know about hunting Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2

If you want to jump straight into the wild hunt that is the Legendary Animals list - and you don't want to waste any time - here's some of the best tips and tactics for bagging some of the best pelts and remains in the game:

  • Always make sure you've equipped the correct weapons from your horse before beginning a hunt.
  • Legendary Animals are always bigger than the normal examples of their species, and most are coloured white as well.
  • Make sure you have full Dead Eye, Health and Stamina. It also helps to fortify all three cores, especially when hunting predators such as bears, wolves and cougars.
  • You won't be able to kill a Legendary Animal until you've followed the clues in its territory. Track the last clue and the beast will appear.
  • You can run between the two-to-three clues, but make sure to crouch when hunting the animal itself.
  • If you're killed by a Legendary Animal, you'll respawn in the same location but the beast will have fled. Return later to restart the hunt.
  • If you enter a gunfight, or start shooting other animals before activating the Legendary Animal itself, you could potentially lock out it's clue for a short time.
  • Not every Legendary Animal can be carried away, some will need to be skinned there and then.
  • Make sure you have enough satchel space to hold all the meat, animal fat and other items acquired from each kill.
  • If you abandon a pelt, it will be transferred to the Trapper, but you'll lose the ability to sell it to him.
  • Take pelts to the Trapper to help unlock special outfits.

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