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Rainbow Six Siege players plagued by post-patch Shadowman bug

Boo boo.

Rainbow Six Siege fans have called on Ubisoft to fix a major new bug, dubbed by the game's community as the "Shadowman".

Don't you dare say the word 'spoopy'.

The glitch makes other players appear as a black shadow, who glides around the map while standing completely upright and still. Spooky.

In reality, what seems to be happening is that players are appearing in other people's games as a static texture - even if they are running, crouched or crawling along the floor.

All of which means that people who experience the problem are now being killed repeatedly by it, since there's no way of knowing if they are accurately shooting the opponent in front of them.

"We are aware of this issue and are looking into it," Ubisoft community manager UbiEpi explained via the company's official forum last night. "Future updates will be provided via the Known Issues thread. Thank you for reporting this!"

Players report seeing the issue on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since the game's recent patch.

There's all sorts of video evidence of the problem:

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

Martin and Ian had a bit of a buggy experience when they played the game's new Operation Black Ice DLC this week, too:

Watch on YouTube

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