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Watch: Martin and Ian play Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Black Ice

Live at 3:30pm.

Rainbow Six Siege is brilliant. I've not had this much fun with an online shooter in ages so yesterday's release of the games first DLC pack was cause for celebration.

Featuring one new map, set around a frozen yacht - imaginatively called Yacht - plus two new Canadian operators named Frost and Buck, Operation Black Ice is free to download for everyone. Those without a season pass will need to wait for 5 more days before they can purchase the brand new operators though, and even then they'll cost a pretty hefty 25,000 Renown each to unlock.

I've already played a couple of hours worth of this new DLC, and Frost - with her signature bear trap - is a new favourite. Martin, however, is going in cold, so hopefully he finds the new content to be ship-shape.

We'll be starting the stream at 3:30pm and you can watch us play live in the video below, or if you fancy yourself as a smooth operator you can try playing with us in the stream. Just message me on PSN to register your interest - my gamertag is Higtown32.

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Rainbow Six: Siege

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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