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Rage Collector's Pack a Game exclusive

Comics! Making of! Anarchy Edition!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Rage Collector's Pack is exclusive to Game and Gamestation in the UK.

Inside the Collector's Pack are two Rage comics by Dark Horse that cover events prior to the game.

There's a 'Making of' DVD, too, as well as the digital contents of the Anarchy Edition of Rage.

The Anarchy Edition gives Double Barrel Shotgun and Fists of Rage weapons, as well as Crimson Elite Armour and a Rat Rod Buggy.

Game doesn't yet mention if the Collector's Pack costs extra.

Tom Bramwell popped over to QuakeCon 2011 recently to play and preview Rage for Eurogamer. He also pinned down creative director Tim Willits for a Rage interview.

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