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Rage Auto-Balancer causing PC problems

Nvidia runs some tests.

A Rage game patch may do as much to improve PC game performance as updated graphics drivers, according to GeForce maker Nvidia.

The crux of the issue is Rage lacking in-game configuration options, with engine id Tech 5 dynamically adjusting detail level, via an Auto-Balancer, as it tries to balance performance and looks. The problem is that Rage doesn't often opt for the highest detail textures, even when using them wouldn't impact the 60 frames-per-second the game runs at.

"We must make clear that id Software has not in any way hobbled the PC version of the game, or held back high quality textures," wrote Andrew Burnes, Nvidia's games and technology editor. "Rather, the underlying technology requires refinement to make better use of the 12GB of high quality textures already available, as we conclude later."

"Based on our observations there does appear to be an error or two with the Auto-Balancer," wrote Burnes. "The on-screen frame rate display never moved below Rage's 60 frames-per-second cap with 8k textures enabled, so why does the Auto-Balancer need to utilise lower-resolution assets? Perhaps it's overly-conservative to ensure that the frame rate never fluctuates?"

Burnes discussed various GeForce-related tips and tricks in the rest of his post.

Yesterday, AMD/ATI put out Rage-specific drivers to improve the performance of its graphics cards. Nvidia's updated GeForce drivers were issued at the end of September.

In closing, Nvidia's Andrew Burnes wrote: "Rage is a fantastic-looking game when tweaked and we're hopeful that id Software can iron out the kinks in its Auto-Balancer to allow all gamers to see its beauty."