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PUBG player discovers way to ride smoke grenades without taking damage

Go up in smoke.

Fortnite may have rocket-riding, but now PUBG has its own answer in the form of *checks notes* smoke grenade-riding. Wait, what?

Reddit user kowzzzz was among the first to discover the strange new surfboard when experimenting on a PUBG test server. The video posted by the user shows it's possible to throw a smoke grenade over a cliff and ride it without taking any damage. At least, until PUBG Corp decide to fix the bug.

According to kowzzzz's comments, the video was relatively easy to make, and it only took two attempts to get the angle right. Apparently, the key to smoke grenade riding is to throw the grenade "straight up in the air" on a "surface that is slightly slanted". It's also really easy - kowzzzz says you don't even have to jump.

You can ride smokes down hills / cliffs and not take falling damage from r/FortNiteBR

But the weirdness didn't stop there - players have claimed surfing also works with the apples found in the lobby. Reddit user jlobes found the bug on a PUBG test server, but apparently when they reported the problem to PUBG Corp, they were immediately banned from returning to the test server. Strange, given bug reporting is the entire point of those servers.

Unfortunately, it's likely PUBG Corp will simply remove the bugs from the test servers rather than allow grenade and apple-riding into the main game. Which is a shame, as like Reddit user RlySkiz, I would like to see someone land a 360 no-scope while soaring through the sky on a smoke grenade. We can only dream.