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PUBG is having a free weekend on Steam right now

And there's 50% off too.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, PUBG Corporation's genre-defining battle royale experience, is free-to-play this weekend on Steam.

Battlegrounds - or PUBG, to its friends - inspired a wave of similarly styled last-man-standing games following its enormously successful early access release in 2017, and while it has long-since been overshadowed by the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends, it still enjoys a healthy audience, welcoming well over 200,000 players a month on Steam according to SteamCharts.

Since its initial release, PUBG's 100-player skirmishes have expanded to cover six maps - a tutorial area, original location Erangel, the desert expanse of Miramar, the North African Karakin, the rainforest-themed Sanhok, and the snow-covered Vikendi - with the latter having received a major makeover earlier this year as part of the ongoing Season 7.

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Those who've been looking to dip their toes into PUBG - and maybe check out Vikendi's impressively enhanced dinosaur theme park while they're there - can play the battle royale game for free right now until 6pm on Monday, 8th June.

Unlike many of its popular genre bedfellows, PUBG isn't free-to-play, but those looking to get stuck in more permanently once the free weekend expires can take advantage of a 50% discount, bringing the price down to £13.49 until Monday. All progress from the free weekend will be carried over to the full game.